Special Operations Combatives

"Unarmed Self-Defense" Videos Series Vol. 1 & 2:

These tapes teach the "real world" techniques of unarmed self-defense used by the US Army Green Berets and US Law Enforcement SWAT/ERT Hostage Rescue Teams.

Designed for civilians, military or police, these tapes will take you through basic training up to advanced takedowns, escapes and chokes. Each technique is demonstrated step-by-step with complete review sections. Defense techniques against punches, chokes, hostage carries and edged weapons (knives and box cutters, etc.) are demonstrated.

Gross motor skills are stressed making each technique easy to learn. Also the psychological aspects of a hostage, crime and other high stress violent situations are examined to increase your survivability.

As taught by
Paul Carnicella

Tim Buckholtz

Edson Carvoho

The no-nonsense techniques on these tapes are taught by hand-to-hand combat expert Det. Paul Carnicella.

Carnicella is currently a member of the Newark NJ Police Emergency Response Team, one of the most active ERT teams in the US. Carnicella has instructed US Army Special Forces, US Navy Seals, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and Police Tactical Response Teams worldwide.

Along with Carnicella, instructors include World Jui-Jit-Su Champion Edson Carvoho and former Green Beret counter-terrorism expert Tim Buckholtz.

All techniques demonstrated on these tapes have been proven effective in actual combat.