The breadth of both our access and interests are wide here at BEHIND ENEMY LINES. By utilizing our contacts within the fields of academia, journalism photojournalism, and law, we bring you a new article each month. These trenchant, and often controversial, articles follow in the spirit of all BEHIND ENEMY LINES content: They are only filed by those with first hand experience, or in the case of historical cases, by those who are experts in their fields with unique access.

DISPATCES will focus on stories which keep our members up to date on the latest techniques and technology employed by current Special Operations and S.W.A.T teams such as Laser Guided Weapons, HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Reconnaissance Parachuting and the role of Special Forces A-Teams in nation building.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES will also be presenting stories concerned with events in history which we feel have been given short shrift by historians and the main stream press. These include such subjects as the OSS/Dostler case, which involved executions by both the German and Allied Forces, the MACV/SOG Special Forces operations in Vietnam, Magnum Photographer, Gilles Perres' photo series from Serbia, and New York Times reporter, Alan Feuer's piece on How Journalists Are Getting It Wrong In Iraq.